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Congrats to The Warlocks for their 1st place finish at this year's TexasTeams

Local Mini Times & Schedule:

  • 2nd Wednesday Brentwood Nightglow Doubles
  • 4th Wednesday Picnic Bend Nightglow Doubles
  •   Saturday Ash Mini 10am Teetime Locations TBD

    Every Sunday Skins match @ Lake 2pm Teetime

    • all minis are $5($2 to the club, $3 to payout)

    New Website In case anyone is coming to this site for updated information, please go to the new website with no popups, www.conchovalleydiscgolf.org Big thanks to Mike Keanne for building this site for us.

    Luck of the DrawFirst off a big THANK YOU is in order to JC, who put on the Luck of the Draw tourney this weekend in Odessa. This was his first TDing experience, and he did a fantastic job. The course looked great, had a great turnout, and somehow he put in a request with Mother Nature....as the weather was perfect. This year's event had, I think I heard, 39 people. Not bad at all for a 1st annual event. Can't wait for next years. which is sure to be bigger and better. If you have never played this course, it's worth the stop in Odessa to give it a try.

    Also want to say congrats to all the SA disc golfers that made the trip up and came away with the win. JD and Justin(father and son), playing in their first tourney, took home a tie for 1st place in the Novice division with Mike Keane taking home 3rd. In Ams Ashely Petty took home 1st place, and Mike T finished up 3rd. The advanced division was the only one an SA DGer didn't win, but we did get a third place finish out of Cody Newton, and a 5th place finish out of Pete. JC finished 6th and tied for the last payout spot in ADV. In open Nick took home 1st place, followed by Carl in a tie for 2nd with Greg Brooks.
    Great job to all the SA disc gofer's that made the trip up, I think we had 14 total players attend. Other's that didn't quite make the payout included Isaac, Rod, Juice and Jason M.
    Nick Rowton 109
    Carl Wamsley 110
    Greg Brooks 110
    Jeremy Brumlay 111
    Chance Reed 116
    JJ  119
    David Sollis 107
    Derik 110
    Cody Newton 111
    Bob Baird 111
    Pete Barizon 112
    JC 113
    Joe Acosta 113
    Ozzie Baiza 114
    Jason Moore 116
    Rick Bueno 123
    Juice 124
    Bo Smith DNF
    Ashley Petty 117
    Chad Smith 120
    Mike Trimble 122
    Anthony 122
    Jeff Stewart 123
    Colby Gilmore 123
    Rod Shifflett 124
    Chris King 125
    Dave 126
    Isaac 127
    Jerry R. 129
    Felix Garza 147
    Justin Saenz 112
    JD Saenz 112
    Mike Keane 116
    Chuck F. 118
    Joe Barnal 120
    Donnie Nuss 122
    Crhis 122
    Traci Reese 136
    David Fourstye 145

    Sunday Minis Since winter is on it's way, usually the sunday doubles numbers drops off. So we have decided to call off random doubles on Sunday. To give skins play a try. This is non-club related, so all money will pay out. Skins will be .25, except on 9 and 18 which will double. So basically it works out to $5.

    We also decide to make it a little more interesting. Since it's not club related, there would be no ace pot, so we will do a separate ace pot for this. It will be $2 to enter and if no aces are hit, it will be thrown off each time. So after the round everyone will pick a hole, or a basket to throw at and the ctp wins the ace pot money for the day.

    Give skins a try....as long as you win a couple of holes, you usually don't lose any money.


    West Texas Doubles The CVDGA held it's 4th Annual West Texas Doubles recently. This year it would feature all 3 courses in town starting the weekend off at the in town coures. Things got going about 8 am for signups, once everyone was in the TD split the field and half went to Picnic Bend half stayed at Brentwood. They day really couldn't have been much better, almost perfect temps, and no wind these conditions were much better than last years. Where it rained on us most of the time. Once morning round was done and a quick lunch break it was time to flip the coures. Which really changed things up, you could tell who plays better where that's for sure. Nick and Jason would set a new 9 hole doubles record playing at Brentwood shooting a wowing -8 for the 9 best shot holes. Which was about the only 9 holes they put together. Once the day was over it was time for some R&R or the after party at JC to wathc the UFC fight. The second day go going at the lake course and again perfect conditions, and riding most of the round in Johnny Jone's cart was sure nice. That is until Mr. Policeman came by and had to be a jerk...which since then I have heard golf carts are legal to drive on the streets much less out at the DG course.  Anyway, this round was the seperator, playing 9 holes of worse, alternate, and best. If you and your partner weren't in a rhythm, things probably didn't go well for you. Once the round was done and the scores were tallied here is how it turned out.

    Open (par was a 189)
    Santos & Jeremy 195
    Richard & Brandn 200
    Johnny & Jeff 206
    Jason & Nick 208
    Carl & Cody 212
    Patty & Sean 219

    JC/BC 216...hey you beat Patty and Sean!
    Pete & Holton 217
    Bob & Bo 221
    Brad & Ashley 222

    Juice & Scott 227
    Matt & Paul 230
    JR & Jason P. 231
    Isaac & Mike 236
    Jeff & Chad 245

    Rudy & Ryan 220(could have been second in Ams)
    Rex & Ryan 231
    Mike & Justy 242

    A big THANK YOU is deserved for Jeanne Moore who ran another great doubles weekend. As well as a thank you to all those that attended and the sponsors who help make this happen. Can't wait till next year's where hopefully it will be even bigger and better.

    • Cortese Flag & Silkscreen
    • G&A Auto Glass
    • Eola's Bright Brewing
    • BES llc
    • MLP Faux & Decorative Finishes
    • Beluh 42
    • JC/BC
    • San Angelo City Parks
    • Warlocks Disc Golf
    • Chain Gang Disc Golf
    • Disc Works
    • American Commercial College

    Monthly Mini Winners

    1st Wednesday Brentwood  Singles:Oct.

    • 1st Pete -3
    • 2nd Brandn +1
    • 3rd Brad +2

     1st Sunday Lake Doubles: Sept.

    • Skins match now

    2nd Wednesday Picnic Bend Doubles:Oct.

    • 1st Jason M./Nick -7
    • 2nd Carl/Pete -6
    • 3rd Cody/Bryan -2


    2nd Sunday Lake Doubles:Sept.

    • Skins


    3rd Wednesday Picnic Bend Singles:Oct.

    • 1st Carl -3
    • 2nd Nick +1
    • 3rd Pete +3

    3rd Sunday Lake Doubles:Oct.

    • Skins

    4th Wednesday Brentwood Doubles:Oct.

    • 1st Nick/Pete -9
    • 2nd Carl/Holton -7
    • 3rd Juice/Rod -5


    4th Sunday Doubles:Oct.

    • Skins

    5th Wednesday Brentwood Ript:Aug

    • 1st Brand/Nick -3
    • 2nd Jason/Carl -2
    • 3rd Cody/Juice 0


    LAST UPDATED 11/21/07

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    Course Records



    Singles: Santos -8

    Doubles: Hebert/Santos -12


    (9 holes)

    Singles: Nick -7

    Doubles: Jason M./Nick -8

    Picnic Bend

    (9 holes)

    Singles: Nick -3

    Doubles: Brandn/Cody -6